Coyote Lynn McDonald biography Coyote Lynn Mc Donald

Coyote speaks:

As the late Dr. George Pin stated: "Art is the language of society". I am doing my best to preserve a heritage that some think is long lost.

I feel so blessed all these years to be able to see the look of appreciation and even wonder on the faces of people who collect my paintings. It is the sole reason I contue to paint today.

Truly able to paint and recreate anything I have seen or dreamed, I realize is a great gift. I am self-taught, so I have to believe I am the recipient of special skills. I give thanks daily for this.

I have taken the advice of Grandfather Crumbo, who told me not to take lessions, but to let my own natiural techniques guide me. One unique discovery I made along the eay is that I instinctively know how to bend light. I can bounce it, throw it, twist it, and shape it. A natural ability for this difficult technique.

Everyday I wak up inspired to paint. I don't know if Iwould ever use up all the images stored in my mind if I could live two more lifetimes. For the future, 100 years from now, I would likemy great-grandchildren to point to one of my paintings in a book and say, "My grandfather painted this beautiful picture so that what he saw will live forever." That's the legacy I want to leave.