RC Gorman Biography RC Gorman, 1931-2005

R.C. Gorman is considered by many to be the premiere Native American artist. A man of today in every sense, his art reflects the racial memory and experience of an ancient people that remains timeless and universal. The deceptively simple, lyrical lines of his drawings provoked the New York Times to title him "The Picasso of American Indian Art." His work, especially the lithographs, drawings and bronzes, is collected as often by lovers of contemporary art as by those specializing in Indian Art.

Gorman had lived in Taos since 1968 until his death in 2005. Though he traveled extensively to exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe, he always considered Taos his home.

Asked why his art is still in demand when many other artists lack his staying power, R.C. responded: "I'm lucky that I can paint as I wish and that people relate to my work in a very personal way. I've always done what is unique to me. I'm starting on my third generation of collectors now, and that means a lot to me."