Joe Geshick
The Feeding of the Spirit

Edition 250, image size 17 1/4" x 43"
Original: Oil on canvas (in private collection)

$1,990 framed

All giclees are hand-signed, titled and numbered by the artist. Also available unframed.


The feeding is the offering of tobacco to the spirits of the water before taking from it Through this offering man and woman also feed their own spirit and make their connection with all creation. The three dots represent the man's spirit and the large circle represents God. In this painting the man in the canoe is holding tobacco in his hand. Through this offering he maintains balance in a good way between the dark and light sides of life.


Geshick Native American
Bear Clan

Edition 350
Image Size:  18" x 24"
Original: Watercolor on canvas

$990 framed

I dedicate this painting to an Ojibway medicine man referred to as old man Burnside, who during my childhood years, gave me my Indian name, Miskakeebaneesh. This means a big bird coming down from the sky. This old man was from the Bear Clan who lived on the Nett Lake Indian reservation in northern Minnesota. The old woman inside the sweat lodge represents the honoring of the four elements of life: infant, teenager, adult, and old age.



Joe Geshick Ojibwe
The Red Blanket

Edition 150

Image Size: 36" x 20"
Original: Oil on canvas

$1,990 framed

The man wearing the red blanket represents all of our hold men and women. Red is often the color used to represent our Creator. From my deep respect for our ceremonies, pipes, and medicine bundles are never used in my paintings.



Miskakeebaneesh American Indian
The Healer

Edition 300"
Image Size: 24" x 36"
Original: Oil on canvas

$1,990 framed

This painting reflects my deepest respect for medicine people. It was inspired by my uncle Bob, a medicine man who lived in Canada all his life. He died six years ago.

Even as a young boy living on the reservation, medicine people have always impressed me deeply. The Healer represents a special kind of person who has been given a gift of knowledge and wisdom by God. This gift comes through dreams and it enables them to heal the sick and to help guide other people with words of wisdom throught their journey in life.